Kingdom of Dragonspine

Amtgard in Las Cruces and the Southwest

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Amendment I:   RAISING DUES

  1. Dues are $10 every six months.


  1. For this amendment only, change is defined as a suggested amendment to the Corpora or a suggested change to the Rules of Play, the Althing is defined as the Althing at which the change will be voted on, and submitted is defined as presented to the populace in its entirety publicly and online.
  2. The content of a change is controlled by the person submitting the change.
  3. A change must be submitted at least one month prior to the Althing.
  4. A change may not be altered or revised less than one week before the Althing.
    1. A change that has been altered or revised must be submitted again at least one week prior to the Althing.
  5. A change that fails to pass an Althing vote is considered killed, and the process of approving a change must be started over.
    1. A change may be tabled by the Monarch rather than killed.
    2. A change that has been tabled may be modified and submitted at least two weeks prior to the Althing.
  6. If a change modifies or removes an existing portion of the Corpora, the old text shall remain but be crossed out, and a reference to a numbered note that refers to the new Amendment must be placed there.


  1. The Monarch, Regent, Champion, and Prime Minister are not required to pay any fees, and are considered to be dues-paid members while in office, and any dues already paid shall resume after they leave office.
  2. The Monarch-elect, Regent-elect, Champion-elect, Heir Apparent-elect, are not required to pay any fees to attend the coronation feast at which they take office.


  1. A person who holds a second seat on the Board of Directors through holding the Prime Minister or Monarch seat is not required to give up their elected Board of Directors position, but is only able to wield one vote.


  1. Should the positions of Monarch and Regent simultaneously be vacant, the Champion may ascend to the position of pro-tem Monarch provided they pass a vote of confidence.
  2. Should the positions of Monarch, Regent and Champion simultaneously be vacant, the Althing shall appoint a pro-tem Monarch.

Note: This amendment has been modified by Amendment XI.

  1. A Barony must have at least fifteen members.
  2. A Duchy must have at least thirty members.
  3. A Principality outside the state of New Mexico must have at least forty members.
  4. A Principality within the state of New Mexico must have at least fifty members.
  5. To become and remain a Principality, a chapter must seek and gain the approval of Dragonspine to supervise a nearby chapter of the kingdom.
  1. With regards to knighthood and the awards and positions that lead to eligibility for knighthood, the section on Awards Standards in the Amtgard Rules of Play shall take precendence over the Corpora.
  1. The Guildmaster of Reeves shall be chosen during crown elections by all dues-paid members of the Reeves Guild for the next reign.
  2. Only dues-paid member of the Reeves Guild are eligible to be elected Guildmaster of Reeves.
  3. The Guildmaster of Reeves may be dismissed by a joint decision of the Monarch and the Prime Minister, or a two-thirds decision of the dues-paid members of the Reeves Guild.
  4. Should the position of Guildmaster of Reeves become empty, the Monarch must appoint a dues-paid member of the Reeves Guild as pro-tem Guildmaster of Reeves for the remainder of the term of office.
  1. The Warmaster will be determined by giving five points for first place in an event, three points for second and one point for third.
  2. In the event of a tie in points standings, the entrant with the most first place finishes is the Warmaster.
  3. In the event of a tie in points standings and first place finishes, a best of three tie breaking event is held. The winner of the best of three tie breaking event is the Warmaster.
    1. The involved entrants are given the opportunity to find an equally agreeable tournament. If they cannot come to an agreement, the individual running the tournament shall choose one of the standard eight tournaments.
    2. In the event of a three way tie, the entrant who placed in the least number of events fights the entrant who place is the second least number of events for third place in the tournament and to decide who moves on to fight for first place.
  1. The Monarch of a Barony may award the title of Lord or Baronet once per reign.
  2. The Monarch of a Duchy may award the titles of Lord, Baronet, and Baron.
  3. The Monarch of a Principality may award the titles of Lord, Baronet, Baron, Viscount, Marquis, and Count.
  1. Principality is a special status that may be granted to a geographically-related group of chapters that coordinate Amtgard events among themselves and desire more autonomy within the kingdom.
  2. Chapters seeking to become a principality should contact the Dragonspine Board of Directors to request a roadmap toward obtaining principality status.
  3. The Dragonspine Board of Directors will work with the petitioning group to establish mutually agreed-upon requirements to become a principality.
  4. A group of chapters petitioning to become a principality must include at least one duchy and one chapter of barony status or greater, and at least three chapters total. Otherwise, each bid will be considered unique, with the particular needs of the kingdom and the region being taken into account when establishing requirements for promotion.
  5. Once a roadmap has been established, the petitioning chapters must submit a formal bid to the Dragonspine Board of Directors. It is highly recommended that previous bids be reviewed before submitting a bid.
  6. The Dragonspine Board of Directors will consider whether the chapters involved are stable, experienced, integrated with one another, integrated with the kingdom, and integrated with the broader Amtgard community when considering whether to recommend that a principality be created.
  7. Once the Dragonspine Board of Directors deems that all requirements have been met, the principality bid will be submitted to the Althing and the kingdom monarch for approval.
  1. The Fighting Garb cultural event shall be replaced with the following cultural event:
    1. Field garb, made for wear to regular park meetings
  1. Voting members of sponsored chapters may run for certain kingdom-level offices.
    1. The offices include kingdom monarch, champion, and guildmaster of reeves. For purpose of running for these offices, “voting member” as defined in ARTICLE II, Section 1-2 shall additionally include members whose waivers reside with a sponsored chapter.
    2. Kingdom guildmaster of reeves shall be fully floated. For purpose of running and voting for kingdom guildmaster of reeves, “voting member” as defined in ARTICLE II, Section 1-2 shall include members of the crown lands and all sponsored chapters. This election shall be conducted by prime ministers in all chapters, and the results shall be reported to the kingdom prime minister no later than midnight on Sunday (Mountain Time) the week of elections.
    3. This amendment does not otherwise affect who may run or vote for kingdom offices.
  2. A kingdom-wide confidence vote must be held if a floating-crown monarch is elected.
    1. A confidence vote shall be conducted in all kingdom chapters the week after elections to confirm any election of a floating-crown monarch.
    2. This vote shall be organized by the kingdom prime minister and conducted by local chapter prime ministers.
    3. This vote shall be of all individuals defined as “voting members” in their own chapters, and who have enough sign-ins within the past six months to vote.
    4. The results of each vote in each chapter must be reported to the kingdom prime minister by midnight on Sunday (Mountain time) the weekend of the vote.
  3. The crown lands shall appoint local officers as needed.
    1. The crown lands Althing shall immediately appoint a local monarch, local champion, and local guildmaster of reeves as necessary to fill any vacancies resulting from the implementation of this amendment.
    2. The local monarch of the crown lands shall be called a baron if crown lands average attendance is under eighteen, and shall otherwise be called a duke. The local monarch shall govern the crown lands in the same capacity, and with the same requirements, as a sponsored chapter baron or duke.
    3. A kingdom monarch, champion, or guildmaster of reeves who is a member of the crown lands shall simultaneously fill the role of local monarch, local champion, or local guildmaster of reeves respectively.
    4. The crown lands prime minister shall continue to serve simultaneously as local prime minister and kingdom prime minister.
    5. The crown lands regent shall continue to serve simultaneously as local regent and kingdom regent. With respect to the crown lands, the crown lands regent may not grant any award greater than what the crown lands monarch may grant.
  4. A floating-crown monarch has modified attendance requirements and modified authority.
    1. A floating-crown monarch may have any park of Dragonspine count as “the main park of Dragonspine” for purposes of meeting the attendance requirements listed in Article III, Section 1-7.
    2. A floating-crown monarch shall descend from office if they do not attend their kingdom coronation, kingdom midreign, or kingdom end-reign.
    3. A floating crown monarch shall create a consultative body consisting of all individuals with a mastery defined by award standardization, and all those with the title of duke or greater, and shall consult this body prior to granting any award or title greater than what a duchy can grant..
    4. In order to bestow any knighthood, a floating crown monarch must consult with and obtain the approval of the members of the Circle of Knights who have twelve full-credit regular sign-ins during the previous six months.
    5. A floating-crown monarch shall not function as monarch of any specific park. Local issues shall continue to be directed to local officers prior to any escalation to kingdom officials.
    6. A floating-crown monarch shall not be permitted to spend any part of any park’s treasury without Althing approval. The crown lands treasury (and all crown lands property) shall remain the property of the crown lands.
    7. Appointments by a floating-crown monarch to fill vacancies in the kingdom guildmaster of reeves or champion positions shall be ratified by a kingdom-wide confidence vote held in the same manner as elections for the floating-crown monarch.
    8. Appointments to fill vacancies in the kingdom regent or prime minister positions shall be conducted as normal by the crown lands monarch.
  5. Crown events during the reign of a floating crown monarch must be held in typical crown land locations.
    1. Kingdom midreign and kingdom end-reign shall be held at a city or location typically used by the crown lands for such events.
    2. Crown Qualifications shall be held in Las Cruces.
  6. This amendment may be annulled by a majority vote of the Transition Committee.
    1. Such a vote may be called for implementation failure including, but not limited to, kingdom parks failing to participate in elections, kingdom officers failing to execute their fundamental responsibilities, major disruption or disunity emerging as a consequence of the transition, or major unforeseen financial or administrative consequences resulting from the amendment or its wording.
    2. In the case of annulment, all provisions of this amendment shall be suspended except for Section 6, and the crown lands monarch, guildmaster of reeves, and champion shall assume kingdom office.
    3. The Transition Committee shall submit a report of any annulment to the crown lands Althing within two weeks. The amendment shall be reinstated if the Althing votes to end the annulment, and shall be repealed and returned to committee otherwise.
    4. The Transition Committee shall have authority to hear questions and issue clarifications regarding this amendment. Such clarifications shall be submitted to the Althing for review as above.
  1. Warmaster is a tournament held as part of the Kingdom Crown Qualifications process.
  2. Warmaster shall be run as bracketed tournament or a warlord tournament.
    1. A bracketed tournament shall use single elimination brackets, with each round decided by best two out of three, and shall be seeded a minimum of four fighters out.
    2. A warlord tournament shall be run as a standard Amtgard “Warlord Tournament.”
    3. A different tournament style may be used with the approval of the Althing.
  3. The tournament shall consist of the following fighting events: (i) single short weapon, (ii) double short weapon, (iii) short weapon and shield, (iv) single great weapon, and (v) open weapon, with a limitation that no unwielded equipment may be carried.
    1. Additional fighting events may be included with the approval of the Althing. Examples include two-person team, archery, combat archery, dagger, and true florentine.
  4. The tournament style and fighting events shall be announced publicly at least three weeks before the tournament.
  5. The tournament shall be held on the same day as the Kingdom Crown Qualifications Cultural Events.
  6. All fighters must be signed in within the time constraints set forth by the autocrat of Crown Qualifications.
  7. The overall winner shall receive the title of Warmaster for the upcoming reign.
    1. The winner will be determined by giving five points for first place in an event, three points for second and one point for third.
    2. In the event of a tie in points standings, the entrant with the most first place finishes is the winner.
    3. If there is still a tie, a tie-breaking event between all tied competitors shall be held immediately.
  1. Dragonmaster is an Arts and Sciences contest held on or before the day of the Kingdom Midreign event.
    1. Dragonmaster may be held in conjunction with Kingdom Weaponmaster, and the practice of running the two events on the same day is encouraged but not necessary.
  2. Dragonmaster shall be run by the Regent or a designee.
  3. Dragonmaster shall be run in the manner of a crown qualifications contest or a Best of the Best contest.
    1. A crown qualifications contest shall be run as per this corpora. The number of events may be lowered from seven, and is traditionally three or five.
    2. A Best of the Best contest shall be run using double elimination brackets and a panel of judges to determine the results of each contest. Best of the Best contests typically include dialogue between the judges and the contestants.
    3. A different contest style may be used with the approval of the Althing.
  4. The contest style shall be announced publicly at least three weeks before Dragonmaster.
  5. All entries must be signed in within the time constraints set forth by the Dragonmaster administrator.
  6. The overall winner shall receive the title of Dragonmaster for the reign.