Kingdom of Dragonspine

Amtgard in Las Cruces and the Southwest

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In early 2001, I sat down with several old Dragonspiners to figure out our history. Imagine my surprise when people had hazy memories at best about what happened when, including their own reigns! Our past was in danger of becoming lost to us forever. As a historian, I felt obligated to collect all the information and make it available for people to see. What follows is the result of that research. I hope it proves useful and enlightening.

-- Sir Randall

Prime Minister
Alaeric none Stelyos T'sarith/Blackthorn Summer 1990
Stelyos/Alaeric Alaeric/none Beo Blackthorn/Quicksilver Winter 1990-1991
Cheshire none none Quicksilver?/Alaeric Summer-Winter 1991 (8 months)
Quicksilver Solmoriah/Alaeric Blackthorn Alaeric/? Spring 1992 (4 months)
Solmoriah Egil Ironpaw ?/Jetara Summer 1992

Prime Minister
Egil Quicksilver Ironpaw Jetara/Weilok Winter 1992-1993
Greywalker Ironpaw Jetara Weilok/T'sarith Summer 1993
Quicksilver Ironpaw Chiz T'sarith/Lynx Winter 1993-1994

Prince Regent
Prime Minister
I Egil Alaeric Trent Lynx/Randall Summer 1994
II Alaeric I Aaron Strongbow/none Stefan Randall/Stefanie Winter 1994-1995
III Stefan Phocion T'sarith/none Stefanie/Kurshan Summer 1995
IV Alaeric II Elaine Thedro Kurshan Winter 1995-1996
V Phocion I Lyvyndyr Tristan Kurshan/Tilion Summer 1996
VI Hawkthorn Egil Phocion Tilion/Iftu Winter 1996-1997
VII Phocion II Lyvyndyr Tristan Iftu Summer 1997
VIII Ironpaw Selric Quicksilver Iftu/F'lar Winter 1997-1998
IX Weilok Tilion Kurshan F'lar/Gyspy Dove Summer 1998
X Kurshan I Aiden Feral Lynn Gyspy Dove/Selric Winter 1998-1999
XI Feral Lynn Gypsy Dove Malachi Selric/Rhiannon Summer 1999
XII Kurshan II Roderick Kyran Rhiannon/Weilok Winter 1999-2000
XIII Malachi Rhiannon Zodiac Weilok Summer 2000
XIV Randall I Marcus the Mad Cronos Weilok/Bertrand Winter 2000-2001
XV Kyran Kurshan Alucard Bertrand/Xochtil Summer 2001
XVI Randall II Trent Shadow/Kyran Xochtil/Elessario Winter 2001-2002
XVII Phywren I Randall Whitewolf Elessario/Denavis Summer 2002
XVIII Alucard I Quicksilver Phywren/Kurshan Denavis/Raldon Winter 2002-2003
XIX Alucard II Bear Kie Raldon/Balbazack Summer 2003
XX Randall III Ironpaw T'sarith Balbazack/Azrael-Jade Winter 2003-2004
XXI Stark Dovelyn Kathon Azrael-Jade/Rhiannon Summer 2004
XXII Azrael-Jade I Kie Finnegin Rhiannon/Anatole Winter 2004-2005
XXIII Palas Bear/Randall Aidan Anatole/Jester Summer 2005
XXIV Azrael-Jade II Bbayok Anatole Jester/Randall Winter 2005-2006
XXV Anatole I Jester Ilmryn Randall/Zoah Summer 2006
XXVI Phywren II Anatole Randall Zoah/Emer Winter 2006-2007
XXVII Randall IV Azrael-Jade Palas Emer Summer 2007
XXVIII Randall V Palas Sain Emer/Natasha Winter 2007-2008
XXIX Emer Annabellee Anatole Natasha/Raven Summer 2008
XXX Anatole II Darien Jester Raven/Sain Winter 2008-2009
XXXI Annabellee I Natasha Randall Sain/Anatole Summer 2009
XXXII Sain I Francis Randall Anatole/Annabellee Winter 2009-2010
XXXIII Francis Randall Xion Annabellee/Sain Summer 2010
XXXIV Randall VI Azrael-Jade none/Xion Sain/Emer Winter 2010-2011
XXXV Annabellee II Grave Digger/Raven Sain Emer/Randall Summer 2011
XXXVI Ilmryn Azrael-Jade Barrage Randall/Balder Winter 2011-2012
XXXVII Sain II Annabellee Ryshad Balder/Francis Summer 2012
XXXVIII Randall VII Liricia Lurker/Azrael-Jade Francis Winter 2012-2013
XXXIX Jester Annabellee Sain Francis/Grave Digger Summer 2013
XL Liricia I Annabellee Ilmryn Grave Digger/Emer Winter 2013-2014
XLI Sain III Francis Jubei Emer Summer 2014
XLII Randall VIII Nikkoli Liricia Emer/Annabellee Winter 2014-2015
XLIII Jubei/Sain Sain/Spike Natasha Annabellee/Red Beard Summer 2015
XLIV Liricia II Grave Digger Puggy Red Beard/Randall Winter 2015-2016
XLV Grave Digger Annabellee Sain Randall/Jester Summer 2016
XLVI Azrael-Jade III Randall Annabellee Jester Winter 2016-2017
XLVII Azrael-Jade IV Annabellee Zander Jester/Sain Summer 2017

Floating Crown
Prime Minister
XLVIII Bai Hu Annabellee MacGyver Sain/Randall Winter 2017-2018
XLIX Bai Hu II Sain Gideon Randall/Francis Summer 2018
L Edelspeth Pucina Balder Francis Winter 2018-2019

Crown Lands
Prime Minister
Baroness Emer Annabellee Aqua Sain/Randall Winter 2017-2018
Duchess Emer Sain Kodiak Randall/Francis Summer 2018
Duke Kodiak Magnhilde Zander Francis Winter 2018-2019

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