Kingdom of Dragonspine

Amtgard in Las Cruces and the Southwest

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  1. A non-voting member does not have to meet any attendance requirements and has not paid dues to the kingdom.
    1. All members of all chapters sponsored by the kingdom are considered to be non-voting members of the kingdom.
  2. A voting member (or “dues-paid member”) must (i) have a signed waiver on record in Dragonspine for at least six months, (ii) maintain membership in no other Amtgard chapters, (iii) be currently dues-paid in the Kingdom of Dragonspine, (iv) have no membership in other Amtgard chapters not sponsored by Dragonspine for the previous six months, and (v) be at least 14 years old.

Section 2.    LIMITATIONS

  1. Membership is limited to persons who have signed a waiver and have their Amtgard records maintained exclusively in the Kingdom of Dragonspine.
  2. Persons under the age of 18 may only join if their legal guardian signs a waiver for them.
  3. No person under the age of 14 may be a member unless their parent or legal guardian has been present for at least four Amtgard functions and they have the permission of the Monarch.

Section 3.    CREDITS

  1. All members who attend and play their class at an officially scheduled meeting or function shall gain one credit in that class.
    1. If scheduled events preclude members from playing a class, they may still sign in as that class.
    2. If serving as a reeve precludes members from playing a class, they may still sign in as that class.
    3. Regular meetings occur once each week, usually on Saturday.
  2. All members who attend and participate at an officially scheduled fighter practice event shall gain one-fourth of a Warrior credit.
    1. Fighter practice occurs once each week, usually on Thursday.
  3. Additional credits may be awarded at the discretion of the Monarch.
    1. Additional credits are typically given for attendance at feasts or events in other Amtgard chapters.
  4. Members may earn no more than seven credits per month.


  1. A person whose membership becomes terminated is no longer a member of the kingdom.
  2. Members may voluntarily terminate their own membership.
  3. Membership is automatically terminated when a member begins maintaining their records in another Amtgard chapter not sponsored by the kingdom.
  4. Members who have terminated their own membership voluntarily or through maintaining their records in another Amtgard chapter may restore their membership by communicating their intent to the Prime Minister and maintaining their records solely in the Kingdom of Dragonspine or one of its sponsored chapters.
  5. A person’s membership may be terminated by joint agreement of the Monarch, Prime Minister, and Guildmaster of Reeves.
    1. Cases in which membership may be terminated include, but are not limited to, (i) repeated violations of the Amtgard Rules of Play, (ii) violent or dangerous behavior during game play, and (iii) criminal activity at Amtgard events.
    2. Termination of membership may be temporary at the discretion of the Monarch.
  6. A person whose membership has been terminated may appeal to the Althing, which may restore their membership by a 2/3 majority vote.