Kingdom of Dragonspine

Amtgard in Las Cruces and the Southwest

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  1. The Board of Directors (“DSBOD”, “the Board”, “Board”, “BOD”) shall deal with any government or outside agencies, businesses, or organizations, or any of the local chapter’s subsidiary chapters with regard to contractual obligations and be consulted prior to the change of status in any sponsored chapter of the kingdom.
  2. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the Monarch, the Prime Minister, and six elected members.
  3. An election shall be held by the Guildmaster of Reeves every January to choose the elected members of the Board.
    1. Only dues-paid members may run for the Board of Directors.
  4. Candidates must announce their candidacy publicly and in writing to the Guildmaster of Reeves at least two weeks prior to the election.
  5. Candidates for the Board of Directors must be at least eighteen years old.
  6. Board elections shall be conducted by subjecting every candidate to a yes or no vote, with the six candidates who earn the most votes, and get more yes votes than no votes, being the winners.
  7. The newest elected member of the Board of Directors who earned the least votes shall be the Alternate and shall only vote in Board meetings when another Board member is absent.
  8. No person may hold more than one seat on the Board. (See Note 1.)
  9. The Board shall meet once a month as needed and all meetings shall be open to the public.
    1. Board meetings may be canceled by joint agreement of the President and Vice President.
  10. Should the membership of the Board fall below five, the board may appoint people to fill the vacant seats until the next board elections.
  11. The Board must have quorum to conduct any Board business.
  12. Any member of the Board who misses three meetings in a row shall be removed.
    1. Special situations may be given consideration by the Board.

  1. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a President who shall conduct all meetings of the Board.
    1. The Monarch may not be the President.
  2. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a Vice President who shall serve as President if the President is absent and become President if the position becomes empty.
  3. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a Treasurer who shall (i) be responsible for all funds allocated to the DSBOD, (ii) work closely with the Prime Minister in monitoring kingdom funds, (iii) perform unsolicited audits of the kingdom financial records, (iv) audit all records at the end of each Prime Minister’s term of office before they are turned over to the next Prime Minister, (v) if necessary, seize all kingdom records and finances with the approval of the President, the disposition of which must be handled at the next Board meeting, and (vi) conduct an informal audit of all kingdom records on a monthly basis.
  4. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a Liaison Officer who shall (i) be responsible for contact with all outside agencies, (ii) maintain a mailing and phone list of all agencies the kingdom deals with, and (iii) maintain copies of all contracts between the Board and any outside agency or subsidiary chapter.
  5. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a Secretary who shall record all minutes of all Board meetings and publish them within four weeks.

  1. The Board has no status in the order of precedence and has no jurisdiction over any internal club or local chapter functions except as noted above.
  2. The Board has no power to change, amend, alter, or otherwise affect the rulebook, Corpora, or any supplements to either publication.


Note 1: This clause has been affected by amendment IV.