Kingdom of Dragonspine

Amtgard in Las Cruces and the Southwest

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Section 1.    ELECTIONS

  1. Elections shall be conducted by the Prime Minister, except (i) when the Prime Minister is involved as a candidate, (ii) in the case of the Prime Minister or Board elections, in which case elections shall be conducted by the Guildmaster of Reeves, and (iii) in the case of the Circle of Knights, which shall conduct its own elections.
  2. Candidates in any election for a kingdom office or the Board of Directors must declare their intent to run publicly and to the managing election officer at least two weeks prior to the election.
      A person may only declare for one of the offices of the Monarchy.
  3. The winner of any election requires a simple plurality vote.
  4. A 'no confidence option' must be available in all elections.
    1. To pass a vote of confidence, a candidate must receive more votes than a 'no confidence' option and any other candidates.
    2. If a candidate loses a vote of confidence, the office shall be filled by a pro-tem officer as per these bylaws.
  5. If nobody is qualified to run for office, an Althing shall be held to appoint pro-tem officers.
  6. Only dues-paid members may vote in an election.
    1. A member’s dues must be paid at least one week prior to the election.
    2. A member must have signed in on at least twelve full-credit regular meeting days during the previous six months in order to vote.
  7. Proxy votes may be used provided that (i) the member meets the normal voting criteria, (ii) the vote is in a sealed and signed envelope with the voter’s name on the outside, and (iii) the vote is submitted prior to the closing of the polls.
    1. A proxy vote may be delivered by a third party provided that the third party is not running for an office that is on the current ballot.
    2. If more than one vote is submitted from the same person, then all votes from that person are null and void.
    3. Proxy votes may be e-mailed to the Prime Minister no later than twenty-four hours before the closing of the polls.
  8. Write-in candidates are not permitted.
  9. All candidates for office may appoint a representative to witness the counting of the votes.
  10. The Monarch shall have the power to break ties as detailed under the powers of the Monarch.

Section 2.    IMPEACHMENT

  1. Officers of the kingdom may be removed from office (“impeached”) for criminal actions or dereliction of duty.
  2. An officer of the kingdom may be impeached by presenting a petition signed by at least 20% of the dues-paid members of the chapter to the Althing and a two-thirds vote of the Althing.
  3. An impeachment may be overruled by joint agreement of the Monarch and the Prime Minister.

Section 3.    THE ALTHING

  1. The Althing is a public meeting open to all members of the kingdom to (i) discuss and enact rules changes with a two-thirds vote, (ii) revise and update the Corpora with a two-thirds vote, (iii) discuss and vote upon major expenditures of the kingdom treasury, (iv) discuss and vote on the future of the kingdom, (v) vote on approving the adoption and promotion of sponsored chapters, (vi) vote on restoring the membership status of a terminated member and (vii) discuss and vote on kingdom policy.
  2. An Althing shall be scheduled and held (“called”) at least once a month, but may be canceled by the Monarch if there is a lack of interest.
    1. The Althing may not be canceled if a petition for impeachment is being presented.
    2. The Althing may not be canceled if the Monarch and Prime Minister have exercised their power to temporarily amend the Rules of Play or the Corpora, and must be held either to ratify their decision in accordance with amendent or rules changes procedures, or to let their decision expire.
  3. The Monarch shall preside over and call all Althings.
    1. If the Monarch cannot attend, the Regent may preside over an Althing with the permission of the Monarch.
    2. If a petition to impeach the Monarch is being presented, another member of the Monarchy shall preside over the Althing according to the Order of Precedence.
  4. Anyone may attend, but only dues-paid members may vote.
  5. Althing rules of order may be set down by the Monarch and shall be enforced by the Champion.
  6. Unless stated otherwise in these bylaws, an Althing vote passes if it musters 50% plus one of those voting.


(See Note 2.)

  1. Changing of the Amtgard Rules of Play requires a two-thirds vote of the Althing.
    1. All members may vote on changing the rules regardless of their dues-paid status.
    2. Changes shall be published in the newsletter, added to the rulebook as a supplement, and made available to all members.
    3. Changes to the Amtgard Rules of Play only apply in Dragonspine. Amtgard-wide changes require a three-quarters vote of all kingdoms in Amtgard, and are binding upon Dragonspine and all its sponsored chapters.
  2. Amending the Corpora requires a two-thirds vote of the Althing.
    1. Changes to the Corpora shall be published in the newsletter, included in the Corpora as Amendments, and made available to all members.
  3. Any decision agreed upon by the Monarch and Prime Minister is considered to be part of the bylaws or the Rules of Play until the next Althing.
    1. Temporary rulings should be announced and published in the newsletter.
    2. If a temporary ruling is issued, an Althing must immediately be scheduled.
  4. Only the Althing or the Monarch and Prime Minister can change, add to, or delete from the Corpora and the Rules of Play, and only the Althing can make a permanent change.


  1. The treasury shall consist of all funds owned by Amtgard, Kingdom of Dragonspine, Inc.
  2. Dues are $6 every six months. (See Note 1.)
    1. Paying dues entitles a member to a copy of each newsletter.
    2. Receipts given for paying dues shall display the time period covered by the dues.
  3. Receipts shall be given for all income and expenditures.
  4. The Monarch and the Prime Minister may each spend up to 10% of the treasury each month in order to run the kingdom.
    1. Receipts must be provided for all expenditures of the treasury.
  5. Larger expenditures require the approval of the Althing.


Note 1: This clause has been affected by amendment I.

Note 2: This section has been affected by amendment II.