Kingdom of Dragonspine

Amtgard in Las Cruces and the Southwest

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Corpora of Bylaws for Amtgard, Kingdom of Dragonspine, Inc.

(Updated April 17th, 2005)

Table of Contents

Article IName and Purpose
Article IIMembership
Article IIIOffices of the Kingdom
Article IVOther Positions
Article VGovernment
Article VICrown Qualifications
Article VII Awards and Honors
Article VIIISponsored Chapters
Article IXBoard of Directors
Article XMundane Laws
Article XIAffirmation
Article XIIContract

Expanded Table of Contents

Article I   Name and Purpose

Section 1    Name
Section 2    Purpose

Article II   Membership

Section 1    Types of Membership
Section 2    Limitations
Section 3    Credits
Section 4    Termination of Membership

Article III   Offices of the Kingdom

Section 1    General Information
Section 2    Monarch
Section 3    Regent
Section 4    Champion
Section 5    Prime Minister
Section 6    Guildmaster of Reeves
Section 7    Order of Precedence

Article IV   Other Positions

Section 1    General Information
Section 2    Heir Apparent
Section 3    Reeves Guild
Section 4    Captain of the Royal Guard
Section 5    Royal Guard
Section 6    Regent's Defender
Section 7    Circle of Knights
Section 8    Guildmaster of Smiths
Section 9    Guildmaster of Garbers
Section 10    Guildmaster of Engineers
Section 11    Class Guildmasters
Section 12    Scribe
Section 13    Circle of Steel
Section 14    Court Herald
Section 15    Others Arts and Sciences Guildmasters

Article V   Government

Section 1    Elections
Section 2    Impeachment
Section 3    Althing
Section 4    Changing the Rules and Corpora
Section 5    Dues and Policies of the Treasury

Article VI   Crown Qualifications

Section 1    General Information
Section 2    Month of the Crown
Section 3    Qualification Requirements
Section 4    Cultural Events
Section 5    Judging
Section 6    Fighting Events

Article VII    Awards and Honors

Section 1    General Information
Section 2    Orders
Section 3    Masterhood
Section 4    Knighthood
Section 5    Titles of Nobility
Section 6    Order of Prestige

Article VIII   Sponsored Chapters

Section 1    General Information
Section 2    Shire
Section 3    Barony
Section 4    Duchy
Section 5    Principality

Article IX   Board of Directors

Section 1    General Information
Section 2    Officers of the Board
Section 3    Limitations of the Board

Article X   Mundane Laws

Section 1    General Information
Section 2    Violations
Section 3    Disclaimer

Article XI   Affirmation

Section 1    Final Words
Section 2    Signers

Article XII   Contract
Amendments   Amendments